Out of the box

This library comes with the following effects:

Name Description Link
EvalEffect an effect for delayed computations link
OptionEffect an effect for optional computations, stopping when there’s no available value link
EitherEffect an effect for computations with failures, stopping when there is a failure link
ValidateEffect an effect for computations with failures, allowing to collect failures link
ErrorEffect a mix of Eval and Either, catching exceptions and returning them as failures link
ReaderEffect an effect for depending on a configuration or an environment link
WriterEffect an effect to log messages link
StateEffect an effect to pass state around link
ListEffect an effect for computations returning several values link
ChooseEffect an effect for modeling non-determinism link
MemoEffect an effect for memoizing values link
FutureEffect an effect for asynchronous computations link
TaskEffect an effect for asynchronous computations using Monix Tasks link
SafeEffect an effect for guaranteeing resource safety link

(from org.atnos.eff._)

Other modules listed in Installation provide additional effects (Twitter Future, Scalaz Task, Doobie ConnectionIO,…).

What’s next?

Now you can learn how to create your own effects!